Maura T. Hennely, o tanara in varsta de 19 ani, este cea care ii are in grija pe cei doi papagali. Aceasta a impartasit pe Instagram modul cum cele doua pasari s-au cunoscut, punand in spatele pozelor o poveste.

La jumatatea anului trecut Maura a observat cum masculul Kiwi, un papagal foarte colorat, se simtea foarte singur si era mai mereu trist. Atunci cand i-a adus o prietena, acestia nu s-au inteles foarte bine de la inceput. Lucrurile s-au schimbat atunci cand in casa a ajuns Siouxsie. Se pare ca a fost dragoste la prima vedere pentru cele doua pasari.

Curand, stapana celor doi a decis sa impartaseasca intimitati din viata "cuplului", asa ca de cand a anuntat ca cele doua pasari au patru pui, urmaritorii s-au declarat foarte entuziasmati.

It's Saturday! 😁🎉🌈 Hope everyone is having a good morning like we are!!

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I know guys I'm so sorry I've been so inactive on this account! Life has been crazy! In all this craziness... Kiwi and Siouxsie had four beautiful babies! ❤🐣 They are all healthy and doing wonderful. For now their names are Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. I will have to get them DNA sexed in a few weeks to know their genders. They all hatched 2 days apart from each other so I can easily tell them apart. I can't tell quite yet how they'll look but two seem to be green Kiwi lookalikes and two look more grey blue like Siouxsie. I'm so excited to see them when their adult feathers come in! I'm hand feeding them and will be adopting them out to good homes when they are weaned onto solid food. Again, I apologize for my inactivity, thank you all for sticking around!! I'm going to be using this account a lot more frequently now that it's calmed down around here! 💖

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